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  1. Coard Miller Coard Miller

    More WIP on the site. The home page is about 95% done (to my eyes). Any critique or feedback would be appreciated and I'll thank you with this gif of a cat dancing

    8 months ago

  2. Shane Helm Shane Helm

    Coming together nicely Coard. Just make sure everything is on grid and evenly spaced. Portfolio looks nice. Blog posts seem to have too much space between them.

    I developed my own grid I like to use. 1080px wide with 5 columns 200px wide each with 20px gutters between them. Not sure that works here, but just thought I would share.

    8 months ago

  3. Coard Miller Coard Miller

    @Shane Helm Agreed on the blog posts. I'll make sure to lock it up more as well. Thanks!!


    8 months ago

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