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8-Bit Retro Game Console (freebie)

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8-Bit Retro Game Console (freebie) retro nintendo 64px sega icon 32px 16px freebie download video game retro game vintage

I'm a retro video game lover and collector, so I made this set of icons about "8-bit Retro Game Console" icons.
Format 16px, 32px, and 64px, PNG & PSD.

You can download it as freebie here:

- Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), controller, cartridge, zapper
- Gameboy, cartridge
- Nintendo Famicom, controller, cartridge, zapper, floppy disk, Robot
- SEGA Master System II, controller, cartridge, laser
- SEGA Game Gear, cartridge
- Atari Lynx, Atari Lynx II, cartridge
- NEC PC Engine, controller cartridge

Will follow other set about 16-bit console too, at least.

P.S. made a CSS version too, for fun

EDIT: added some wallpapers too:
Macbook Retina (2880x1800) Cinema Display (2560x1140) iPad (2048x2048)
iPhone 4 (lockscreen / homescreen)
iPhone 5 (lockscreen / homescreen).

Print available

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