Mac Man Screenprint

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My first attempt at screen printing and I loved it because not only do I enjoy getting 'crafty' but I had to keep the design simple - thats my fave way: vectored and simple. This was a uni project done in december 2012 and although I was a bit naughty choosing the colour (I wanted to hang it on my wall, hehe), I still got a brilliant grade :)

I love Apple, old skool games like pac man and as an ex-Windows user from a very young age - I just prefer Mac and it's never failed me like Windows had. I used Illustrator to come up with the design which is rare as I always sketch first but it was easier to jump in to Illustrator from the beginning.

I got 5 A2 prints and I'm on the hunt for the perfect way to preserve my prints plus hang them, any advice?

OW Ref #63277


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