New cars illustrations

We have been working for months with Miguel Camacho from Sensa Design on our new vehicle collection. Behind this change, we were looking to improve the feeling of quality and safety of our fleet in each market and giving them a modern look.

Beyond the Lite model, we have many types of vehicles for each of the cities in which we operate, and we set out to faithfully reflect each of them. In total 108 different illustrations have been adapted to our new style.

To achieve this, we have worked on new geometry, colour and lighting that is better integrated into the product. We have done this with a system that allows us to add new vehicles or modify details such as headlights, wheels or shadows throughout the collection easily.

This new system has been set up to make it easier to use when designing, but also to make it more scalable to our business, as well as agreeing to develop a new architecture and automating the whole process through design tokens.

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