It Ain't Flat!

Exclamation point!
I'm expecting a good debate on this - like the one I had in my head before I decided to upload this shot ;)
I think it's logical. And it should be to anyone with basic geometry knowledge. Am I missing something or am I just being too obtuse? - geometry pun intended!

• Long shadow made with "Long Shadow Generator" by @GraphicBurger
• I have nothing against the flat design or long shadow trend, on the contrary! I just don't think they should be considered the same thing.
• Please don't be offended by the hillbilly language, reading only John Steinbeck lately has highly affected my vocabulary! :D
• Eurythmics still playing in the background!

P.S. People should do rebounds on @Balazs Szabo 's original and make it like a "flat design confessional". I think we need that! :)))

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