It Ain't Flat!

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  1. Vera Cotuna Vera Cotuna

    Exclamation point!
    I'm expecting a good debate on this - like the one I had in my head before I decided to upload this shot ;)
    I think it's logical. And it should be to anyone with basic geometry knowledge. Am I missing something or am I just being too obtuse? - geometry pun intended!

    • Long shadow made with "Long Shadow Generator" by @GraphicBurger
    • I have nothing against the flat design or long shadow trend, on the contrary! I just don't think they should be considered the same thing.
    • Please don't be offended by the hillbilly language, reading only John Steinbeck lately has highly affected my vocabulary! :D
    • Eurythmics still playing in the background!

    P.S. People should do rebounds on @Balazs Szabo 's original and make it like a "flat design confessional". I think we need that! :)))


    8 months ago

  2. Balazs Szabo Balazs Szabo

    @Vera Cotuna
    :) Nice one! Or not??? (rhetorical question)
    Yes, I think this could be good debate on Flat design.
    I'm totally agree with you. I had the same discussion with my friends: gradients and shadows are used wrong in this style.

    At this point maybe some of us get up out of our chairs and leave the room. I don't want to generalize on this theme because there are some really nice and correct flat designs out there.

    I think some directions in Flat Design gone on the WRONG track, and even if we all LOVE this minimal style (it's more functional and represents what it is) lost it's fame - or is on the way when on the end of the day we designers puke.

    And to change this, only WE can do something! - I think.

    P.S. Keep that Sweet Dreams playing on! :D


    8 months ago

  3. Vera Cotuna Vera Cotuna

    @Balazs Szabo
    Yes, there's definitely a point in designing flat. After all, that's how everything began, "flat" is at the core of all graphic art, no matter how far we've drifted from it.
    So I was really grateful when Microsoft started the flat trend with their Metro interface (correct me if I'm wrong - but I think that's how the trend started, or at least where it took off) and I thought to myself "Ha! This will teach those rookies to keep their hands off the gradients & drop shadow!". And for a short while everything seemed to be going in the right direction, but now I see we're drifting again... And I cannot help but wonder, maybe it's a force greater than us and there's nothing we can do about it :))
    But again, there's nothing wrong with this new long shadow style, it's cute really, just don't call it flat. There's a fine line between the two trends. And again, there's the issue of abusing a certain trend, which always happens...

    8 months ago

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