I'm having fun on our homepage

I'm having fun on our homepage

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You know what? I don't post to Dribbble that often anymore. You know why? Two reasons:

1) I'm not really looking for feedback here. I'll get that from the people on my team who know our product, and from the people who actually use our product. Dribbble is an amazing place for feedback, but its become a place where I don't feel happy to post. I feel pressure to be someone special. I'm not special, I'm a dude who loves to make things that matter. End of story.

2) The work I do on a daily basis sometimes isn't sexy. It's the mud and blood of making a product that I hope will play a small and reasonable part in changing an insanely crappy food and grocery industry that's been crushing the little guy.

But I'm posting this today for two other reasons:

1) So I can write what I did above and make a little room for others to post on Dribbble for fun and to say "HEY DAMNIT! I'm just posting this because I'm happy to be a designer and thankful for the opportunity to move the world in a good direction".

2) Because I've had half a beer and man that lubes me up right nicely.


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