15 Winners! Sticker Design Playoff

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Playoff winners

We were blown away by the sticker designs submitted to our Sticker Design Playoff! So much so that we decided to hand pick 5 of our favorites in addition to the top 10 'liked' designs. Here are the results:

Top 10 most liked:

1. http://drbl.in/itMo by @Ilja Miskov
2. http://drbl.in/iuLt by @Timothy J. Reynolds
3. http://drbl.in/itEN by @Shed Labs
4. http://drbl.in/ixmK by @Jonathan Howell
5. http://drbl.in/itQo by @Tyler Anthony
6. http://drbl.in/itWr by @Diego Monzon
7. http://drbl.in/iuis by @Neil Tasker
8. http://drbl.in/iujB by @ryan weaver
9. http://drbl.in/itSh by @Andrew Rose
10. http://drbl.in/ixDE by @Jackie Saik (rewarded by @Arno Kathollnig)

Hand picked by Sticker Mule:

1. http://drbl.in/itYc by @BEΔSTY DESIGN
2. http://drbl.in/itGY by @christian dunn
3. http://drbl.in/itXE by @Nick Chamberlin
4. http://drbl.in/itIT by @Kirk Wallace
5. http://drbl.in/itMG by @Alby Letoy

Instructions for winners:

Fill out this form and include your artwork file in vector or high resolution CMYK format.

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