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15 Winners! Sticker Design Playoff

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15 Winners! Sticker Design Playoff sticker mule contest playoff rebound sticker winners

We were blown away by the sticker designs submitted to our Sticker Design Playoff! So much so that we decided to hand pick 5 of our favorites in addition to the top 10 'liked' designs. Here are the results:

Top 10 most liked:

1. by @Ilja Miskov
2. by @Timothy J. Reynolds
3. by @Shed Labs
4. by @Jonathan Howell
5. by @Tyler Anthony
6. by @Diego Monzon
7. by @Neil Tasker
8. by @ryan weaver
9. by @Andrew Rose
10. by @Jackie Saik (rewarded by @Arno Kathollnig)

Hand picked by Sticker Mule:

2. by @christian dunn
3. by @Nick Chamberlin
4. by @Kirk Wallace
5. by @Alby Letoy

Instructions for winners:

Fill out this form and include your artwork file in vector or high resolution CMYK format.

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