Travel widget concept

Travel widget concept

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This should have happened at some point.

Some of you guys might know my passion for travelling and I'm so happy to work on a project related to setting up trips, location based stuff and all these kind of things related to this happy feeling when you pack your baggage for next trip.

This is a multi platform widget which is a part of a bigger thing. When I was brainstorming UX I thought of things that user needs when he is planning a trip. Basically when you know where you're going you don't need that much of the information - only basic stuff like hotels, events, etc. But if you really want to explore what's so crazy about that specific place you want all kind of info you can get (psss, for this you'll have a full version).

@2x is always better

Full view

We want the UI to be highly interactive and intuitive.

Some of the features here:
search for place
✔ planning your trip with highly interactive map simply by clicking on it to set your next check point
✔ green dots indicate check points, pin icon is your current location
adding the actual place to the map
✔ managing map view
✔ access basic info of places to go, friends in that area, local events
wheather info
✔ there is a progress on the bottom for getting local news
✔ switching to full version

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