Veggie Weekend Icon

Veggie Weekend Icon

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The icon for Filibaba's latest app; Veggie Weekend.

Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan (or vegetarian) weekend with Filibaba! Veggie Weekend is free to download, complete with 18 fresh and exciting recipes like Saffron Risotto, Chili con Frijoles, and Palak Tofu. Unlock additional packs for $1.99.

The icon was again made with a mixture of Cinema 4D & Photoshop. The vegetables are modeled in C4D, with additional textures and polish added in Photoshop. The background is made entirely in Photoshop. I've dialed back the effects on the background plate itself in anticipation of iOS 7. (More about my iOS 7 thinking here:

Download Veggie Weekend:

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