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Illustration for instruction "5 ways to define left-handed or right-handed you".
But, honestly, these methods are not correct, i think. I tried it, and in some cases i must be left-handed. But i know, that it is not right.
All my life i was right-handed. :)

The instruction in russian language. And i dont know english very well to translate it. But i will try.

1. Twist the arms in a "lock". If the thumb of his right hand was on top - you are right handed, if the opposite - you are left handed
2. Clap your hands. The leading hand is on top
3. Cross your arms over his chest. If you are right handed, your right hand will be on top of the left forearm. If you are left-handed, the left hand is on her right forearm.
4. Close one eye, then the other. If the point of sight shifted when you close the right eye, then you are right-handed. If she has moved with closed left eye, you're a lefty
5. Untie a few knots on a cord or rope. The right-hander will do it with his right hand, left-handed - the left

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