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  1. Stephen Olmstead Stephen Olmstead

    At long last, I've completed my iWatch Concept. This is something that's been beating around my brain for many months. It was bugging me that I didn't have anything visual to show for it, so I've been slowly and steadily chipping away at it; a few minutes here and a few minutes there. With most of my paying work wrapped up in NDA's and with very little time to work on just-for-kicks projects, this has been a lot of fun to mess with as time allowed.

    I figured it'd be better to get this out there before Apple actually launches their real watch first. :)

    My main focus here was to create a watch that... well... looks like a watch and not a rectangular screen bolted onto a watch band. Design, Hardware, and Software justification details can be viewed in the high resolution mockup that is attached.

    Let me know what you think. I'm particularly interested in getting feedback on some of the unique interaction mechanisms such as the 'tether' concept to a host iOS device, the hardware function buttons, and the use of Siri as a primary input method. I'm particularly fond of the thought of using a watch as a remote trigger for the camera on my iPhone- wouldn't that be fun?

    This project was purely something for me to blow off some creative steam with. I'm sure whatever Apple comes out with will be phenomenal and I can't wait to test drive it in the end. :)


    8 months ago

  2. Justin Scheetz Justin Scheetz


    I think some things like the calendar app will need to be completely rethought, those little tiny thin numbers just won't work on a watch.

    I particularly love your implementation of the Compass and iMessage apps. The home screen is great as well. Nice work!


    8 months ago

  3. Victor Stuber Victor Stuber

    @Justin Scheetz agreed. the calendar is far too detailed. Same for the weather


    8 months ago

  4. Stephen Olmstead Stephen Olmstead

    @Justin Scheetz and @Victor Stuber Agreed, I shouldn't have included the calendar view, it doesn't make that much sense on a device that small. What might be more appropriate would be to show an abbreviated agenda view that allows you to cycle through the various events and event details of any given day.

    8 months ago

  5. Victor Stuber Victor Stuber

    @Stephen Olmstead I would simply have a scrollable list vertically that shows your agenda by hour and swiping left/right would move between days. Maybe there would be a way to zoom out to the month view you have in your mockup.

    8 months ago

  6. Stephen Olmstead Stephen Olmstead

    @Victor Stuber That's not a bad idea. One thing I find myself wanting more and more as I mess with the iWatch concept is a dedicated 'back' button ala android. This tells me one of two things: 1) perhaps the UI is a bit too deep for the watch (very likely) or 2) maybe the clicking of the watch face should work a bit differently than the home button on iOS device (function as a back action rather than a home action). I lean towards the former- I think app integration with the iWatch is going to consist of simple yet meaningful interactions. They won't be full featured or comprehensive but they should augment the app just so slightly that they improve the experience in new, fun ways that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Thanks for the feedback.

    8 months ago

  7. Victor Stuber Victor Stuber

    @Stephen Olmstead I would venture to guess if they do come out with a watch, it will use the same gestures as the old nano "watch"

    8 months ago

  8. Stephen Olmstead Stephen Olmstead

    @Victor Stuber See that's where I think the small screen becomes extremely problematic when relying upon gestures exclusively. Check out Apple's gesture guide for that 6th gen nano:

    Notice how, even in the mockups, the fingers cover a good portion of the screen? There's just something claustrophobic about that to me. :)

    8 months ago

  9. Bill Labus Bill Labus

    This is really great stuff. One key thing I think you hit on is that the watch should really utilize a circular display, in order to be fashionable and non-geeky enough for mainstream acceptance.


    8 months ago

  10. Andrew Ambrosino Andrew Ambrosino

    Love it! Plus, I wear that Skagen watch now so I wouldn't be opposed to this one bit :)

    3 months ago

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