Hotfut Screen Shot 2013 01 04 At 12.58.14 Pm 624x305

Hotfut screen shot 2013 01 04 at 12.58.14 pm 624x305

We all occasionally end up with those tasks or projects that start out strong and then sorta fade into “I’ll get to it soon.” This entire site however ended up meeting that fate. When it came time to get the content together, the client was busy with his clients. Reminders were sent until they tapered off until they were no more. So the site just sat there about half done waiting for content.

I talked to the client recently and we decided to wrap up the files so he could use it at some point down the road but not to finish it out at this point in time.

It was a gorgeous site however and it would be a shame if it never saw the light of day. (The business owner gave the thumbs up on sharing this btw for anyone wondering.)

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