Smart Mimic - Illustrations

What is Smart Mimic?

Mimic is a portable device packed with sensors and alarms controlled with an app that secures you and your belongings at all times. It has a constant internet connection and users are able to get notified from everywhere, anytime. Mimic understands the customer needs and adapts to their daily lives. Users are able to create their own scenarios by using the Smart Mimic app or select already existing scenarios out of many. Mimic Plus, lets its users secure their areas like their room, house, locker or they can secure the belongings they want like their backpacks, laptops, bicycles and so on. Mimic Plus is the combination of many different sensors which includes temperature, smart PIR motion, position and vibration, harmful gas detection, colorful light, powerful alarm and more. Mimic understands where, when, what and how often people are securing their belongings. It provides a better understanding of the assets in the insurance side and makes predictions about future security needs.


Since these screens were not used in the final phase, I decided to share the source file. You can now download the source file for free as .fig (Figma)!


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