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(based on Stephan Wetzl's design)

Since there are probably thousands of Twitter apps out there, It might be an interesting challenge to reduce what we know even further design-wise. We all know how twitter looks and how we use twitter today, but if you came-up with a different way of reading tweets, then you wouldn't be designing "just another twitter app".

Since most people read way-more than we write (or so we hope), wouldn't it be cool to have a Tweet Reader with no navigational buttons? And you could control everything with one thumb?

The idea is quite simple: make twitter easier to read on the iphone without stretching to reach for back buttons, and focused-clicks.

I could scroll a list vertically, then when I arrive on a tweet, I might want to look at all of this guy's past/future tweets. Instead of clicking, I could drag left-to-right or right-to-left to view all of his tweets. (a similar interaction to "deleting" an email, but instead of being presented with a button, a new view loads on-screen) Upon entering his tweet history, each tweet is full-screen. I can scroll through his tweets horizontally with a swipe of the thumb. When I want to return to all my friends, I just flick vertically in either direction and I'm back on the main list in the position where I started.


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