Cube - Reboot


Its been a while since I posted something about the cube project but i think its time to do so.

So, as you can see i killed the whole voxel idea for two reasons:
1. A voxel world is way to performance intensive to make a good mobile/tablet game out of that. i know there are some voxel based mobile games out there like minecraft pocket but at least for my development skills is it way to complicated to make everything run smooth and stable. also the most bugs and issues i had during the development where only the result of the complicated voxel terrain generation. pathfinding didn't worked out as i hoped an nearly everything else was also just a mess.

2. I think the world is now satisfied and is nearly enough pleased by minecraft lookalike games. there are so many games with this look on the market right now that everybody would just say "oh man, not another minecraft clone" if he would see the game even if it is not like that at all. Also every time somebody saw me working on that game the first reaction was "ah, is this for minecraft?" so that was way to annoying so i decided to switch to a cartoony low poly look which work out pretty good I think.

3. I also made some stupid decisions regarding to "bringing the game forward quickly". Basically i was looking for a developer that helped me out and gave him some money. I dont want to say how much but i could rather buy 3 occulus rift from that money. so, I am still waiting for results from his side...

I am currently working on a stable playable beta version and will let you know when you can lay your hand on it :) so, dont forget to follow on twitter

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