Happy Birthday JENN-A

Happy birthday jenn a

Part of an elaborate birthday gift for Jenna earlier this year which included a little toy WALL-E. I created a birthday hat for him using a cake pattern and printed it out, glued it together, and stuck it on his head. The birthday card he's holding is actually less than an inch tall and was designed in Fireworks using a free WALL-E font I found and reads:

Hope your birthday is OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

I took over 100 close-up photos of the little guy around the house, narrowed it down to 6 I really liked, and put them on an 8GB flash card for Jenna's camera that was also part of her gift, which sat inside WALL-E's front-loading compartment (she didn't find it right away).

You can see all the photos of WALL-E in Jenna's Flickr set.

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