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  1. Riley Tippetts Riley Tippetts

    Starting work on a brand new personal project for an online journal that makes it easier to write articles, collect articles & photos, and organize them in all in one place.

    Real Pixels


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    8 months ago

  2. Ilya Dmitruk Ilya Dmitruk

    @Riley Tippetts Very stylish!


    8 months ago

  3. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    looks great. nice work.


    8 months ago

  4. Julien Perrat Julien Perrat

    Looks really easy to use, very simple and pretty nice! do you think develop that ?!

    8 months ago

  5. Steve Fraschini Steve Fraschini

    Love the color schemes, neat.

    7 months ago

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