Auto Sketch & Paint Mask Effects

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Transform your self into an Artist, Doodler, Painter with this special Auto Sketch & Paint Mask Series. All you need to do is Select your Photo or Artwork Run the Photoshop Actions included if you think your artwork or photo needs a sketch look or a touch up. Drag your Photo edited or unedited into the Mask Folder and be amazed.

Comes loaded with all the effects. The Photoshop Action is just a bonus incase you need to add pizazz to your photo, otherwise you just need to drag your photo in the mask and you're done.

All of the effects, textures, and tonal adjustments sit on their own individual layers which gives you the power to transform, adjust your photos & the background scene into real works of art.

This is the first such photoshop file of it's kind. Try it out now!


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