Ben Lueders


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When I was working on last week’s lettering piece - I never could have imagined how much the world would have changed in a week. I considered a few other words and phrases - but I kept on coming back to his name. My hope is for justice - while I know even earthly justice can’t bring George back, or the countless others in his community who have been lost to hate over the years. ⁣

The only thing I’ll say regarding Omaha’s current situation:⁣

When our Mayor and Governor say things like “We all just want things to go back to normal.” - they need to be very careful. There are many, many good people in our city who do NOT want things to just “go back to normal”. That’s the entire reason they are protesting. Listen to ALL of your people - not just the privileged ones that got you elected, and are experiencing discomfort, uncertainty and danger for, perhaps, the first time in their life. There are members in our community that experience discomfort, uncertainty and danger on a moment by moment basis - let’s listen to them too. 🖤

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