Started simply with the intent to help with some advice on how to fix the water and the lighting set in an aquatic environment, something was taken and, although the underwater places are absolutely not my comfort zone, I felt that I was ready for something a little more difficult and here is "In fondo al mar", the fourth project carried out during the quarantine period.

It is rendered with EEVEE, and has a bit of all the elements that have been for me a source of anxiety and study in recent months, Volume, Fake Light, complex set light and a hair of post production. After several months of study on fake light I raised the bar further to create a slightly more complex shape with the addition of a couple of procedural textures for the mask.

The Sub is my adventure companion, who throughout the quarantine has not abandoned me and deserved a prominent post in this work too. The sand is not modeled, but it is lowpoly, with a texture above (which makes the dune effect: D). Finally,

I used a post-production hair to increase and add a couple of "rim lights" to further detach some objects so as not to be too flat.

Hope you enjoy

Luca Ferro
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