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  1. Shane Helm Shane Helm

    Simple Playoff: Share your current layer set.

    Are you a messy type with your layers or well organized?

    You can learn a lot from other designers on how best to organize your layer pallet.

    8 months ago

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  3. I was messy few years ago but now everything is well organized. I have my own "system" that is making mine and frondevs work much simpler :) Just have to be consistent!

    8 months ago

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  8. I've always been organized, but recently I have started to name/structure my layers as what I plan to call the item in the code. The awesome folks at Macaw gave me the idea. Still playing around with exactly how it will work for different elements.

    8 months ago

  9. My layers for web design. Everything in it's place. The red group layers are always the modal boxes or interactions in the website.

    8 months ago

  10. had to just join in on this one as i am very organised when it comes to photoshop. every folder and layer has a name and the naming convention is consistent on every layer :) OCD heaven

    8 months ago

  11. Haven't posted anything for a while, well, here's something what I've been busy for two months (among other things).

    8 months ago

  12. I'm generally very very disorganised, and prefer to rapidly create designs. My layer pallet can look very much like this...250+ layers later. But I will go back and rename at the latter stages, removing all unwanted layers with a general tidy up.

    8 months ago

  13. I'm not proud of it but this is the reality. Photoshop is usually a place where I explore and brainstorm and ebb and flow. That process is and should be pretty messy. I'll clean things up to some degree when the time is right.

    8 months ago

  14. I keep it pretty simple. Everything is ordered top to bottom, left to right by module. I use Smart Objects for most pieces and create layer comps for easy review of interaction layers.

    8 months ago

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  17. Per Vestman Per Vestman

    I'll rebound with a shot from earlier this year:


    8 months ago

  18. Layers pallet from a recent piece of Key Art. I used to be super disorganized with my layers.

    8 months ago

  19. I had to have a go! If there is something I don't approve of it is messy layer pallets, should be a crime.

    8 months ago

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  22. Here's a view of my foldering technique. Upon first glance, it's fairly common to most other practices in terms of establishing a top-down hierarchy of Modal elements and a Header, all the way down to the Footer and BG / Background folders.

    I think what helps separate my flow from most of my other colleagues is how I use the folder colors to indicate state or purpose. Check out an older shot explaining that here:

    8 months ago

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