Arthur Girard

Black Lives Matter - website concept

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I wanted to design something around the tragic death of George Floyd, to encourage people like us, designers, artists, to express and share our thoughts on things that matter.
So I came up with this website concept and designed the Hero section.
The website has 3 goals:
-the first one is to protest
-the second one, is to encourage people to donate money for families that have been hurted by racism and police violence
-the third one, is to encourage people that come visit the website to write their story. To share their 2 cents, to express their thoughts, values, and experiences around the topic of Racism, and police violence.

I made very specific choices of colors and illustrations in this, because it felt crucial to me to nail the visual communication part of the website.
It's not an easy topic to bring, and I wanted to really stand apart from other websites, so people will directly know that the end goal wasn't a financial outcome.
To do that, I had to convey a very specific atmosphere to nail the visual communication.

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