WS Colouring options - artboards

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  1. fluxwerk fluxwerk

    Some colouring options. Props to Madeo for their illustration work. There is more to create and more to come, obviously.

    Dedicated to @Bill S Kenney who taught the world how to artboard. O:-)


    9 months ago

  2. kailoon kailoon

    Can share some technique? Actually, how to change the artboard background color?

    8 months ago

  3. fluxwerk fluxwerk

    @kailoon You may change the background colour in Preferences > User Interface > Canvas Color ... If you mean the individual artboards, they all have just a simple rectangle in the background.

    8 months ago

  4. kailoon kailoon

    thanks, i just figure it out after i post that comment :p


    8 months ago

  5. Steve Fraschini Steve Fraschini

    Love the color schemes

    6 months ago

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