Redesigned - Crowdsourced insights on GoIbibo travel app

Consistency matters.

It helps reduce cognitive load for users, as well as provides a familiar experience.

This reduces time taken to process the design, leading to better business outcomes too.

This shot features a structural and visual redesign of an interesting feature on the GoIbibo travel app.

Users can see important information quickly through images in the Hotel gallery that we auto-generate using crowdsourced insights from our user reviews.

This is specific information - like whether a hotel allows unmarried couples (a big deal in India), its safety, popularity, and the availability of public transport.

Until now, these images didn't have a common template and the visual experience was scattered (see screen on the left).

The redesign (the screen on the right) allows users to get those insights at a glance, and it's a lot easier on the eyes too.

Catch it live on GoIbibo soon. Let me know your thoughts below. :)

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Posted on Jun 3, 2020

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