Coaching IO7 concept

Hey guys,

this is the concept for the Coaching screen. I wanted to eliminate additional screens as much as possible but not to make it cluttered so expect some white space here. Number of messages on this screen available at the same time is 5 which is good in my opinion. I hate cluttered UI.

@2x is always better

Full view

From here you can:
✔ see number of feedback messages received/sent (if you're a coach)
add/remove coaches
update the messages (if not set to auto update)
read the actual feedback
respond to it

I should mention - there is no ability to remove your feedback. This is something we're discussing now. What's your opinion on this guys? Should user be able to remove his feedback?

Btw you can see the symbols I came up with for positive, negative and neutral feedback.

Overall I wanted to keep it nice and pleasent, feedback screen is not something you would go often to unless it's pretty and encouraging ;)

✔ Other pieces from this project here and here

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Posted on Aug 6, 2013
Julia Khusainova
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