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  1. Pieter van Est Pieter van Est

    Working again on this project. A lightbox showing some more details for the users...

    Check out the attachment for the real pixels!

    9 months ago

  2. Nick van der Wildt Nick van der Wildt

    I really like the overall soft feel for this, it puts a lot of focus on the imagery. Two things as food for thought though:

    * The image is quite large. On my 13" macbook I had to scroll to see the text. If you have some metrics on the current site usage (if it already exists), you might want to make sure the smaller screens are represented a bit better and make the image slightly less higher?
    * "Stap 1" currently gets a lot of weight, while I think the actual name of the step is really important as well. Maybe you want to highlight that name a bit better? Perhaps style the "Stap 1" more like a label and then treat the name of the step like you currently do "Stap 1"? Ik hoop dat je begrijpt wat ik bedoel hiermee.

    Anyways, I love love love the bottom part with social, favourite and buttons :-)


    9 months ago

  3. Pieter van Est Pieter van Est

    Thnx for the feedback @Nick van der Wildt:) I made the images smaller and less high, it works fine now! For the "Stap 1" I agree that the title needs more focus, so I changed that as well. So overall great suggestions dude!


    9 months ago

  4. Julia Khusainova Julia Khusainova

    Like the clean approach.


    9 months ago

  5. pramod pramod

    very clean design , liked it .

    5 months ago

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