Speak up! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾 _ In some situations, silence is overestimated. Say your opinion! Everyone's opinion is important and everyone's life is important. _ We all have our differences. Where we came from, where we belong, what we like or dislike, what language we speak. But in the end we are all the same, and those differences only make us unique. We all come from the same planet, share fears, dreams, sense of humor, happiness... Intolerance is something that is not natural and productive in our society! _ Despite all our fears, sometimes it's time to announce ourselves! We all need to be there for each other because injustice is still injustice, regardless of to whom it is done and from whom it originates! _ Our differences don't make us aliens, they provide innovation, creativity, shared ideas and masterpieces! We are all different, but in a way we are all one. It's impossible to be the same person as everyone else, but at least we can live our life according to same principles! _ Every life is important! 💪

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