Helpful Friends

Practicing Fraktur - feels like 1st grade all over again and it's fuuuun! :D
My helpful buddies from left to right:
• 0.3mm fine liner (cheap-o supermarket stuff)
• Herlitz 2.3mm Calligraphy Pen (from set with 3 changeable heads - 1.1mm, 1.5mm & 2.3mm) - pretty cheap, but good!
• The oh-so-famous Pilot Parallel Pens 2.4mm & 3.8mm

I'm using plain old xerox paper and refilling the cartridges with Koh-i-noor drawing ink or chinese ink. Sometimes mixed. Both work great on plain copy paper. Pilot ink cartridges are shit. Ink bleeds like hell on most papers I've tried.

I also created a printable dummy grid for practice. This one is for ~2.4mm nibs, italic and fraktur lettering styles, A4 paper. Spreading the love via Dropbox, shout if you're having problems with the download ;)

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