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  1. Michael Shanks Michael Shanks

    so as @Alan Horne rightly said, i haven't really been working on anything of my own lately, i have only been redesigning apps into iOS7.

    some of you may remember this very old Bookstore Concept that i was working on. the concept started at my previous office but never really took off so i have decided to give it a new look.

    firstly i wanted to update the wooden look and @Virgil Pana kindly uploaded a wooden theme a while back so i have taken that initial idea and modified it a lot to fit the needs of this new concept.

    i then wanted to try and incorporate some elements from iOS7, in specific i love the slightly faded footer and the seamless status and topbars so i have added them in also

    i have attached the real pixels for you to see what i have so far and more of this will be added as i have them

    as always your feedback is awesome and all the love you send over :)

    9 months ago

  2. next up on my BlackBooks iOS6/7 concept is the Top Rated books.

    For this i wanted to keep the shelves but still have a way to navigate categories so i have increased the size of the shelve front to add a title and a "view all" button.

    real pixels have been attached and more shots to follow soon.

    9 months ago

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