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A year ago, I posted this teaser shot of an old poster I had designed for a club, which I was planning on updating and reworking to fix known problem areas.

I hadn't planned on posting any more shots of this until I started reworking the art, but I never got around to doing that.

But recently, @Alexander Wende and @Colin Tierney expressed interest in seeing the full poster, and last year I remember that @Inka Mathew @Kim Vervuurt @Matt Vergotis @Louis D. Wiyono also wanted to see it.

So here it is. I've only made small edits thus far to the hoses (which used to be all flat black), but one of the major areas that needs big time improvement is the hair. It's ALL WRONG.

Also, I really want to address the shading and highlights overall.

Click the 2x size for more detail and click the attachment for the full version of the old poster.

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