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Hi all ! 👋
A few months ago, Edouard Herriot Hospital called us to create an application for kidney transplant patients. This application should be able to replace the numerous pages of the file transmitted to the patient after hospitalization. Kidney transplantation is a difficult passage that leaves marks and imposes changes in the patient's lifestyle.

I present to you, Tadam, our response which won the tender. We wanted to go further than a simple medical document holder. We wanted an application that evolves with the patient, who advises him and above all who makes him smile. An application that takes the patient by the hand and tells him that everything is fine. The application gives the patient the possibility of having in the same place, his pillbox, his medical documents, his appointments, his practical sheets ... The constraint that we had was to work with the Ionic Framework.

The application is under development, in the meantime, I wait as always, your opinions!

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