Possible 'My Strengths' page for youth portfolio platform


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  1. Richard Wiggins Richard Wiggins

    Would love to get some feedback and don't forget to check out the large version.

    9 months ago

  2. Anthony Killeen Anthony Killeen

    Nice work Rich. I have a few comments though.

    1 - the bars seem disproportionate. They're either too thin, too close together or too long. It almost makes it difficult to follow and gauge their value.

    2 - the value (6) should be more horizontally aligned.

    Other than that though, nicely laid out & great colours.


    9 months ago

  3. CarolinePixels CarolinePixels

    hey I love the layout you have and the colours are nice. One thing that is just jarring me is the alignment of the 6 rollover circle. Maybe push it up slightly so that it aligns with the two bars better and more vertically centered. That would be my only thing lol


    9 months ago

  4. Nathan Ford Nathan Ford

    Hey Rich. Nicely done here. Very Tufte-esque!

    A couple of points I see: The type feels like it is competing with the bars, and as the bars are the attraction here, perhaps go with Roman rather than Bold? Or thicken the bars as Anthony suggested.

    Also, the hover is obscuring important info that would aid scanning. Could you put the value small at the end of each bar? Might not need the vertical lines then.


    9 months ago

  5. Richard Wiggins Richard Wiggins

    @Anthony Killeen Some good points. Thanks chap. Think I'm going to fatten them and maybe add numbers to the end.

    @CarolinePixels Thanks Caroline. I agree about the rollover no. I'm going to try fattening the bars and adding numbers to the end.

    @Nathan Ford Thanks buddy. Good point about the text. I'm going to try fattening those bars and adding the numbers to the end, as per your suggestion. Cheers!

    9 months ago

  6. Paul Mullett Paul Mullett

    Not necessarily design specific, but with that general format, as an employer, all I see there is "unreliable".


    9 months ago

  7. Richard Wiggins Richard Wiggins

    @Paul Mullett Can you explain that in more detail Paul? This is not a page that employers would see btw.

    9 months ago

  8. Paul Mullett Paul Mullett

    Just the general uprise of "graphing" skills/qualities on CVs, portfolios and résumés.

    I appreciated it's intended to highlight skills at a glance and enhance comprehension, however to have "strong" elements, you have to have "weak" ones too, or the chart is of no value.

    With this in mind, what really tends to stand out to me (and I've read this elsewhere too) are those that are have the "lowest rank", for want of a better phrase.

    If this is for internal/personal reference, then that doesn't really matter, but if viewed by others it may be worth considering.


    9 months ago

  9. Richard Wiggins Richard Wiggins

    @Paul Mullett Thanks Paul, that info is really useful and I'll feed it back to the team tomorrow.

    9 months ago

  10. 9 months ago

  11. Richard Wiggins Richard Wiggins

    @Paul Mullett I just wanted to also clarify that each of those 18 items are specific questions which the user is encouraged to answer themselves, and not just once.

    They can also invite peers, teachers, parents etc to answer the same questions, which would be fed into that data.

    9 months ago

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