Watch Render Update

Watch Render Update

Shot is direct from the camera in Vray, no post production in photoshop. Aiming for photorealism.

Remodeled the watch band with bend deformers for flexible posing, added the clasp and holes to the band. I also fixed the band attachment to the watch body, the leather band now wraps around a pin, giving it a thick dimensional feel. I fixed small details on the watch face, and re-mapped the texture on the band. Added small details to the back case which i will show in another render; screws holding the backplate to the body.

Lighting is currently being done with three softboxes. Testing the differences in render times for animation between softboxes & HDRI.
I've also started to add some DOF to focus on the face. Animation will include DOF shift from several different cameras.

More to come, please comment & critique!

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