Pepsi Can Redesign

Pepsi Can Redesign

Imaginary redesign of the front of the 12 oz Pepsi can. Getting rid of the three duplicate logos they have on there now, and making the entire can show the brand. On the direct opposite side is the regulation stuff and nutritional stuff. A general simplification, and a can design that is unmistakable from all angles. (They used to solve this with the three separate logos on different sides; as I stated earlier, I think the entire can should be the logo).

This was done rather lazily, so I apologize for the artifacts around the pepsi typeface (I cut the name out of a picture so it would look more real).
Thanks for viewing!

I couldn't handle the lighting effects on my own, so I followed the help of an online tutorial for the lights on the can. As such, a great deal of the background and lights are done exactly as the tutorial recommended and I cannot take full credit for the amazing lighting on the sides and top of the can. :-) In the interest of full disclosure.


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