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I was playing around with the new focused caustics in Keyshot 4.1, and decided to attempt to compose a scene out of drastically different render/lighting settings. Attached are the separate renders that make up this image.

The liquid seems viscous and thick (intended to look like honey) and refracts the light nicely.
Light seems "trapped" (it bounces around) within the jar the way it does in real life (partly thanks to a cheat -- I placed a light source within the jar...).
The fabric flows nicely and is reflected in the glass jar quite well.

The top of the jar seems plastic-like, rather than glass. I worked on that for a long time but couldn't get it right.
I tried getting the light to bounce on top of the fabric, but didn't manage to get an attractive result. In the end it just glows a bit near the jar, but otherwise doesn't interact in an interesting way.

In case anyone's interested, keyshot's caustics feature is still very rough. It's sometimes inconsistent, and always *incredibly* slow (though you won't find any renderer that does realistic caustics fast). It works, but you have to spend time getting what you want, and the way to do that isn't very intuitive.

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