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Hi Folks! 👋🏻

After a few years of being a passive Dribbble user, only looking here for inspirations, I've decided to breathe life to my own Dribbble portfolio. So that's my Debut!

I've switched from Sketch to Figma a few days ago. Then I realized that something is still missing here... Yeah, Dark mode! That's why I decided to design my own Figma's Dark mode concept.

The funny thing regarding the design process was that I even caught myself on clicking my UI elements instead of the Figma controls. 😅

🔥 Download my .fig concept - it's free! 🔥.

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Hope you liked it. Leave your comment 👇🏻 and (L)ike 👍🏻 my shot if you want to. You can follow me on Instagram for more inspirations.

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