Butterfly Chairs Website

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  1. Grant Steele Grant Steele

    The brief was to create a minimalist retro design for a website on which they are selling butterfly chairs.

    I used a retro type that I modified into the logo, used custom illustrations for icons, and a retro colour scheme.

    A goal of the simplicity of the logo means that it can easily be embroidered on labels on the fabric and we've successfully proven this much to the client's delight.

    At present I've showed the client a placeholder image in the spirit of the website, illustrating the style and colour of the product photos that should appear. I'll be working with the photographer to achieve that goal.

    A very simple design that sparked such excitement in the client I was over the moon. Hope you guys like it too!

    9 months ago

  2. The brief was to create a minimalist retro logo design for a local business selling custom-made butterfly chairs. The design had to work as an embroidered label and stand out against the vibrant outdoor fabrics the client uses for the chairs.

    9 months ago

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