Hi there, just came up with this funny idea for a fake company ;).

You know that place near every neighborhood, looks like a normal house, it doesn't have any signs outside, and people often comes a few times a month without an apparent reason; they mostly cover their face with whatever they can, they look ashamed of entering the house and they allways leave the place with a big smile and hope in their eyes until another client asks for that small favor capable of killing every design. "Can you please change the font to Comic Sans".

That's where CSANON comes in, they're not like any other anon clinics out there, they treat the people dealing with the Comicsansholics, they can help you deal with the frustration of a client that doesn't want to change their creative vision; because as several studies have demonstrated Comicsansholism isn't treatable with any known treatment or procedure.

In CSANON you'll find people with the same problems you have, you'll find a shoulder to cry and take all that sadness out. People that understands that courage that you're experimenting and will help you canalize that feelings into something good.

CSANON opens twice a month on fridays from 17:00 to 19:00 in "that" house, we have coffee and cookies in the shape of the helvetica letters to fill that empty space left in your brain for using CS.

We understand you, we will help you, you'll get over it as same as we did.

We are CSANON.

Color variation

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