iOS App Icon Design: Take Five

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  1. The Iconfactory The Iconfactory

    Here's the iOS version of the icon for our app Take Five.

    9 months ago

  2. Tobia Crivellari  Tobia Crivellari 

    cool too! ;-)

    9 months ago

  3. Andrea Cau Andrea Cau


    9 months ago

  4. Denis Rojčyk Denis Rojčyk

    It would be awesome if you could move the note into the curly thingy :)


    9 months ago

  5. Michael Lvnd Michael Lvnd


    9 months ago

  6. Ernest Liu Ernest Liu

    This was always one of my favorite icon designs.

    9 months ago

  7. leocai leocai


    7 months ago

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