Hardware Status Bar

Ridiculous in a number of ways, but hold on there, let me explain.

Right now at Podio we're discussing how our app can be in tip-top condition for when iOS7 rolls out for the sticky-fingered masses. Most things are fine because we used a skin called "Flat UIs 3.0". However, it's the status bar that is causing us issues. Apple is recommending heavily that the status bar UI becomes part of the app that is running - forcing operating system UI into the app's (already crowded) interface. Not only does this impact on the overall visuals, but also adds interesting problems with depth perception when the status bar would be static (but part of the UI), and the rest of the UI moves.

I've always been a fan of the separation of the status bar - especially on the black iPhone where it looks almost is part of the hardware. So I thought, let's screw science and put the status bar *IN* the hardware, and separate it from main display. I'm not going to speculate on what kind of wizardry would be needed to make this exist, but it would probably be LEDs, toothpaste, and a single strand of human hair.

Anyway, If a status bar was going to go in this non-screen area, what it contains would probably be pretty different to how status bars exist today (feel free to rebound), but I just choose the existing layout to make a point (hat tip to Tyler Dolphin for re-creating it).

Shoot me down.

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