Personal Rebranding Colour Scheme

On a bit of a whim the other night, I decided to start working on a visual rebrand for myself. When I initially started focusing on branding/marketing myself, it pertained to my photography, which I established as a legal business, "Gannon Burgett Photography." However, as time has progressed, I've gotten into writing and design on an income-based level too.

My writing is known more as who I am in the online world, while my photography work was more locally-based, not to mention my design work which is still mostly unseen as I work to build a bit more of a portfolio. This being the case, I have had quite a problem visually branding myself in a consistent manner as an individual across these three main creative outputs.

Therefore, I have decided to bring my talents together cohesively in a visual brand so I can easily create a more consistent look across the board for my work, be it in online, on my business cards, or by whatever other means possible.

In doing so, I've created this colour scheme, pieced together and tweaked from two separate sources. Each of the colours will be paired with one of my creative facets (i.e. blue for photography, orange for writing, etc). Doing so will allow me to personalize when needed, but also have an overall consistent feel to the content I create and share.

I'll have more pieces to share as I'm currently working on individual icons for each of my creative outputs with more material on the way, but in the meantime I figured I'd grab some feedback on the colour scheme. As per my photography ways have taught me, the colors are placed against 18% grey.

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