Best work station? Help needed



Long time not posting here and now I need your help.

I was using a very standard notebook for years but now it's dying. I have to (and I want to) build a nice work station that's good enough to enjoy every moment of working.

My first thought was a MacBook Pro Retina 13" with a 27" Dell display. Would be that a good combination, what do you think? I have no experience with the Retina MacBook. Some useful advice and your experiences would be great.

PS: 1) Yeah, flat stuff, Helvetica and long shadow. Apology for that, it's just because for taking your attention - I don't want to do any long shadow design if it's not necessary. 2) "Best" is not the best phrase for this, I don't need the most perfect, expensive and sexiest work station ever, but a nice, smart and useful combination of some hardware.

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