Mobile Exploration - Task Management App

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So this is my exploration about Task Management App. This application is used to help schedule tasks.

Here are screen concept detail:

1. Empty Task
On this screen the user will see a screen when there are no tasks entered and in here there is an illustration along with the description then a button to add the task schedule below.

2. Home
Here we will find the menu icon and notification above then if we want to find the task we just need to search in the search, then if we want to make the task schedule according to the category we just select in the select task categories menu below we will see the last task we made, below right There is a + button to create a task schedule

3. Add Task
On the screen we can make a task, at the top there is a calendar that is used to select the day the task is working on, then underneath there is the name of the task then the task description below the button to cancel and save.

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