Four fixes - a little Shop app audit

Got asked to do a little design exercise and thought I'd share it here. It's rough, Figma-on-screenshot stuff here, but that's what you get *for free*.

I was having a really hard time finding an 'app to redesign' for this case. When I don't know contexts, I sure can't nitpick, choices were made! I'm not that guy.. Anyways, it wasn't until I had a real in-app challenge myself with the newly updates Shopify Shop app.

I wanted to enjoy this app, but when I took it for a spin I could only find ONE shop that I knew local to me. Well I started down the olde road and my line of thinking took me to this - the power of suggestion & location, location, location would take this nice crispy app experience to something a bit deeper-town.

Full disclosure I don't really know the intent of the app here at this point, it was previously an order tracking app and still does that, but I think they rolled out some newness and rebranded it SHOP

No points awareded to me for the layout hodge-podged from Spotify's Ways of Working - love that slideshow, thanks for sharing.

Posted on May 28, 2020
Marcs Wilkinson
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