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Each time I open up dribbble, I am barraged with an array of shots to salivate over. I find that my first instinct is to open them all up in tabs so that they're loaded and more readily viewable. After a certain point though, my browser starts to get bogged down. I figured there must be a better way to deal with viewing many shots without crashing the browser.

My solution is Dribbble Queue. It came to mind one day while I was taking a shower. The concept allows players to easily queue up shots in sequence for simple viewing, with drag and drop functionality, or an alternative click-to-add function. It also allows for the fast creation of moodboard collections, integrated with buckets, allowing players to do visual research for their projects. Once the player has collected the shots they'd like to see, they can enter the gallery view to get a better look.

Feedback is appreciated!

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