iOS 7 Chat View Interaction (Animation and Freebie)

Hey guys, I tried to use Quartz Composer to emulate some iOS 7 effects in my spared time. Here comes a simple chatting view interaction with three iOS 7 effects: scrolling with bounce effect, translucent navigation and toolbar, and depth interaction(the whole screen zoom in or zoom out).

GIF's quality sucks so please check the demo video here. Or if you have 20 seconds to waste, I strongly suggest you to play with the demo app on you Mac.

What's more, I'd like to share the source file with you if you want to learn some Quartz skills. The .qtz file includes following components:
- An iPhone 5 template with a screen view.
- Momentum Scrolling patch with additional patches for that bouncing effect .
- Translucent backgrounds.
- Zoom in and Zoom out effects.
- Some single patches inside like "Button", "Delay", "Switch", "Offset from Left Top" might be helpful for your own Quartz work.(you can search these names in the file to locate them in second)

Download the Quartz file.

Discussion and feedbacks are welcome. :)
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