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Tally Up

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Tally Up leaderboard angular firebase stats

Hey Dribbblers,

So for a while now I've been quite curious about a few things: the upcoming iOS7 aesthetic, Angular, and Firebase. I figured it was about time to stop just being curious / looking at examples/documentation and actually go break some stuff (thank goodness for console.log).

I also play a lot of FIFA with my team here at Honey, but we could never remember how we were doing over time. So, here's a thing (called "Tally Up") that I hope you find useful with your own friends. It's a simple persistent leaderboard designed firstly for your mobile device, but it should be okay with anything that has a modern browser. There's no sign up and it's completely free, so give it shot if you can never remember (like we couldn't) who's buying the next round.

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