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The Vista window controls on an iOS window? I know, how do I come up with these ideas. But I didn't stop there. Check out the full attachment to see other wacky changes I made.

I seriously do love this effect though. In 2009 I was doing some WPF development when Vista first came out. I loved the look (except the strange highlights) and all I wanted to do was build an application out of pure glass. The APIs at the time made that really tricky though.

Fast forward to today and the same thing is happening. I want to make an OS X cocoa window out of pure glass using the same API that Apple is using. Of course the API is private. It is related to applying an NSWindowContextFilter to the window. If anyone has figured it out yet please let me know so I can focus again :).

Thanks to buatoom for the awesome template: http://dribbble.com/shots/1003248-iPhone5-Flat-Template?list=searches

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