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  1. Alex Pankratov Alex Pankratov

    A round of free associations, please.

    What does it remind you of?

    9 months ago

  2. Axel Herrmann Axel Herrmann

    Hm, I´m sorry but i cannot see the ikebana here.

    9 months ago

  3. Alfred Xing Alfred Xing

    Doesn't remind me of much; it's a very abstract mark...

    9 months ago

  4. Alex Pankratov Alex Pankratov

    @Axel - "Ikebana" is just a reference to something elaborate without any obvious practical purpose. It's fairly common humorous slang use in Russian circles, I just used it out of habit. The mark itself is for "peering", see original shot for details.

    @Alfred - Great to hear, thanks. Someone said it looked a bit like NBA's (dunking dude) logo from afar, so I thought I'd ask.

    9 months ago

  5. 9 months ago

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