Bedside Table

7 Responses

  1. Rémi Tod Rémi Tod

    Simple studio shot like render of a piece of furniture I designed and crafted.

    9 months ago

  2. Mamun | Creative Aliens Mamun | Creative Aliens

    Welcome to dribbble. It's a great first shot! Wood looks so realistic.

    9 months ago

  3. Barry Mccalvey Barry Mccalvey

    Great C4D render, the wood texture looks great. Welcome :)

    9 months ago

  4. Rémi Tod Rémi Tod

    Thanks! :)

    9 months ago

  5. Harrison Connally Harrison Connally

    Nice to see a fellow worker of wood on here! Great shot.

    9 months ago

  6. Flavio Montiel Flavio Montiel

    Nice debut!

    9 months ago

  7. Diana Prakash Diana Prakash

    Wow! Really nice work! So solid! Looking forward to see more! Welcome to Dribbble :D

    9 months ago

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